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doodle by JellyKittay doodle :iconjellykittay:JellyKittay 10 9 Jane by JellyKittay Jane :iconjellykittay:JellyKittay 11 5 Spring by Octoberpeony Spring :iconoctoberpeony:Octoberpeony 3 2 [OPEN 1/3] Punk Lynx Adopts by Nautivasity [OPEN 1/3] Punk Lynx Adopts :iconnautivasity:Nautivasity 15 9 Hyena Boi by JellyKittay Hyena Boi :iconjellykittay:JellyKittay 19 7 Please don't take my sunshine away by GhostfaceNikol Please don't take my sunshine away :iconghostfacenikol:GhostfaceNikol 247 20
> For the Contest

For the entries that are already submitted

Getting stuff from this wrong, will not increase your change of winning
you are free to play around with the info ~

name Gregory Kelly
known as Greg / Gregory
age 6
father Gerret Kelly
mother Gerret's wife
likes story time, reading and horses
dislikes too girly things (because he's tough)
things inherited from Gerret
- hair bangs
- eye shape
- seriousness

name Gabrielle Carlene Kelly
known as Bree
age 4
father Gerret Kelly
mother Gregory's mom
likes Cookies and drawing
dislikes x
things inherited from Gerret
- hair bangs
- blue eyes
- skin color
:iconlooji:Looji 13 3
Cheetah Moms by JellyKittay Cheetah Moms :iconjellykittay:JellyKittay 17 12 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA by JellyKittay AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA :iconjellykittay:JellyKittay 24 7 Unicorn Queen by Octoberpeony Unicorn Queen :iconoctoberpeony:Octoberpeony 3 0
!Color Me Contest! [OPEN]
So I've decided to make Iggy a canvas type character, so she has no set patterns or colors, only a set form. Therefore, she can look really like anything. Sooo, why not make a contest out of it. The best design made of Iggy will win 250 Points. Just draw Iggy and color her however you want to.
Deadline: 6/13/17 - 5 pm New York Time (23 Days)
>The design MUST be of Iggy  (keep her lines is what I mean)
>You can use any colors/patterns/designs etc
>No copying other designs made by other people
>You CAN change the hairstyle if you want to.
>This is only for fun and won't be you designing the new Iggy.
Current Iggy/Examples

1st - 250 pts
2nd - Get a custom adoptable in my next batch (I'll color the lineart I use to your liking)
3rd - Get any adoptable I make in the future for free
:iconnautivasity:Nautivasity 5 10
London trip by SleepyGrim London trip :iconsleepygrim:SleepyGrim 235 4 Dream fish by SleepyGrim Dream fish :iconsleepygrim:SleepyGrim 231 7
Art Thief Awareness // Artists Against Art Thieves
Its not a big deal.... Until its you. Until your own pictures and/or OCs get stolen, traced, drawn, written, or used without your permission. Then its a big deal... But you don't know what to do... You just know you are very mad, and what they did needs to stop. So come to me and your other friends and other people who you know have experience and ask for help.
Some people may think, well, they like someone else's OC and don't have their own so they want to use yours. Its even easier if you're famous because this person feels like you won't notice they took it. Their friends will praise them for their great art and/or OC, but you know its yours. They may try to justify themselves by turning the blame "you shouldn't have put it out there if you were so weird about other people using it". Or, "its just a fanart/fanfiction of your oc". If its not yours, how hard is it to freaking ASK for permission to draw someone else's character? Not hard at all. In fact most people will grant permissio
:iconprenncooder:PrennCooder 46 85
Froslass by miinti Froslass :iconmiinti:miinti 610 31 Alive by maskman626 Alive :iconmaskman626:maskman626 1,191 78



SoulCookiezzz's Profile Picture
carpe the hell out of this diem
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I am just another artist in a big world trying to get by.

~she/her/they~ ~between ages 12-100~ ~Aries~
You can call me whatever you want, I rly don't care as long as it's not my real name lel (I.E. Condy, Rave, boo... I really duns give a crap)

I'm a (legal) Mexican artist ;)
I like everything
Not easily offended, so make all de jokes ye want
is all chill over here... all day, everyday, no matter what:meow:
Plz feel free to talk to me I'm very lonely so please...
I also tend to be clingy if I really like you so be warned :0

Requests are always open, but I'll prioritize fren requests, and requests are usually at the bottom of my to-do list soooo yea

Art Trades are usually open, ask first tho to make sure I'm not busy lel

Commissions are always open and at the top of my to-do list. No one has commissioned me yet tho ;v; someday...

Ilysm but we aren't actually dating lel QvQ
VVV mah frens VVV
:iconmysteryjello: :iconjellykittay: :iconstoneslipper: :iconoctoberpeony:

The Hamilsquad by JellyKittay
mah hamilsquad -v-
(left to right: Jelloburr, Soulyette, Jellyson)


Randomly tagged by Lilith-of-Hell
- Tag 8 people you want to know better ((I don't even know this many people HALP))
:iconoctoberpeony: :iconjellykittay: :iconmysteryjello: :iconsnowscratchthehybrid: :iconangelicapopsicles: :iconabstractholly: :iconcosmic4356: :iconcamical:
I'm so sorry you guys ^^;

Name: Ahahahahaha not yet mon ami, but you can call me whatever you'd like :3 
My name starts with a "C" if it makes you feel better
Star sign: Aries
Average hours of sleeparound 7
Lucky number: idk... 7? how can you tell?
Last thing I googled: 
When I started this account: January something, 2017
Amount of watchers: 36 :happybounce:
What do I post: whatever I want. Paintings, drawings, adopts, ideas, and asks. Usually what I'm into at the moment.
Do I run any other blogs: Nah I'm not on social media much...
Do I get a lot of comments: I'm getting more now than before.
Why did I choose this username: It's quite a long story. Uhhhhh... Well Cookiezzzzzzzz was a friends username (hai chany) on lan online game called the Blockheads... you may have heard of it, not exactly that popular I don't think... So lots of memories associated with that. And I also like cookies. A lot. And "Soul" is a reference to my book. :3
making a change to the page in about a week or two, see if anyone notices..... ;3 since lots of y'all have been curious to know a little more about me...
[OPEN 2/3] Punk Lynx Adopts by Nautivasity
awesome adopts tho, only 60 points check them out definitely
Schools almost over for most of you if it isn't already : D yayyyyyy :happybounce: I still got like two weeks left RIP
how you guys doin?
Based on what you know about me, how old do you think I am?


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Let us share the love with each other <3
Thank you for your support, I appreciate every one of you.

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Doodlessss :D
I make colored doodles of your character, any character, human, animal, monster, whatever.

Done quickly, high quality.
Help me become Rea's child I want to be adopted
I don't know how this works XD I guess I'm drawing for money? Alright, LES GO. Mah first commission! Check out my gallery for examples, and I don't do certain things like FNAF, fetish art, or things that might be offensive to others. (Sorry for inconvenience, Ig)

I can draw OCs, animals, people, and landscapes. Sorry if it takes a while for me to draw it I have school. :/

help me be Rea's child TvT and I guess I'll let you name your price, as long as it's a reasonable ratio for the amount of work it is. (For example, sketches would most likely cost less than a painted piece, but it also depends on how complex the picture is)


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SoulCookiezzz Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Omg why how could this happen to me was it all the memes???
Camical Featured By Owner May 16, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
I am also an aspiring Hamilfan [although I haven't drawn anything related to Hamilton ("Damn, I gotta get on that" ~Usnavi, In the Heights)]. I WANT TO BE YOUR FRIEND. 83

(I am so sorry)
SoulCookiezzz Featured By Owner May 17, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
XD OMG hai you're adorable thank you so much :D I'm glad you like my art it means so much :,3 YAS you can be mah fren (although I don't rly think you can make friends by asking..? you kinda just talk to them a lot XD) Also don't be sorry I love talking to people I'm very lonely sometimes Lel ;v;
Camical Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student Traditional Artist
Agjkh, hi! ;W; Thank you, and, yeah, I find it strange when people ask to be friends( so I don't know why I asked, I just thought it seemed pathetically comedic ;A;)... Yay, I like talking too (I still feel pathetic, ignore it)!:dummy: How are ya?! ; w ;
SoulCookiezzz Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
It's fine X3
im doing well, trying to catch up on school work ya know
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ok cool
3wyl Featured By Owner May 7, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
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SoulCookiezzz Featured By Owner May 7, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Aight cool thanks ^v^
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